Care services
delivered with love
and you in mind.

By always putting the care needs of our participants and clients first, we are able to deliver on care and services that truly empower them to live a fulfilling life.

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In Home Support

Our skilled and specialised support workers are always available to help you manage daily personal activities and household tasks more easily. Our friendly and caring team assists with: Personal hygiene, Other daily living activities, Mobility and transport, Meal preparation, House cleaning and vacuuming, Laundry
Ironing, Dishwashing, Home organisation, Gardening, and more.

Fun Activities

At Garden View Care, our experienced Lifestyle Support staff are available 24/7 to assist participants with daily activities as directed by them. We help participants engage in weekly activities including work, day centre programs, concerts, movies, sporting events, dining out, and picnics, ensuring a rich and varied social life.

Respite/STA/MTA Accommodation

At Garden View Disability Care, we provide respite care for short to medium term stays. If your primary carer is unavailable, rest assured that our skilled support workers are ready to assist. They offer flexible or full-time shifts, including 24/7 support for daily personal tasks and household care.

Supported Independent  Living

At Garden View Care, we provide a modern, spacious setting for luxury Supported Independent Living or Short-Term Accommodation. Our assistance covers medication management, chores, bill payments, healthy eating, grocery shopping, socialising, new skills learning, and personal hygiene.


We offer transport for various activities such as medical appointments, social outings, banking, and shopping. Our trained support workers help Participants into and out of vehicles, recognising the challenges faced by individuals with mobility restrictions. This hands-on assistance ensures a smoother, more comfortable travel experience.

Meal Preparation

At Garden View Care, we prepare all meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—fresh on site. Participants who enjoy cooking are welcome to join our staff in the kitchen to help prepare and cook their chosen meals. Our menus are collaboratively planned and prepared with participants’ input, ensuring enjoyable and personalised meal options.

Nursing Services

Our team includes Registered Nurses who are readily available to provide clinical nursing care as needed. Our nurses are skilled in both general and mental health nursing, ensuring expert care across a broad range of needs.

Community Participation

Garden View Disability Services facilitates easy access to local amenities like swimming centers, libraries, and gyms, helping participants stay connected. We support involvement in community events, service access, and socialising, ensuring a fulfilling community life with our friendly support workers.